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August 10-24, 2016

Spring 2016

About The Hollywood Dance Camp

” At the Hollywood Dance Camp we believe in the beauty of dreams. Always. “

We are

a team of remarkable, passionate, and curious people with a love for dance.

We are way more than just a dance camp, we are a team of dreamchasers and we believe in pushing yourself to new heights to discover your full potential.

Our programs are designed to give you a sneek peek into the professional dance industry in Hollywood. We focus on guiding you and pushing you to become the best version of… you!

You will dance at some of the most famous dance studios in the world and take classes from world renowned choreographers who are responsible for the hottest music videos of today!

We Do

have all been there and we understand the challenges when reaching for your dreams, trust us.

We are here to give you the tools you need, guide you, motivate you and share the love of dance with you.

Dancing at the Hollywood Dance Camp is educational,
inspirational, motivational and most importantly fun!

Dance your feet off, learn from seminars and workshops with industry professionals, get 1 on 1 with special master classes, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Los Angeles, and of course make new friends for life!

We believe in your dream. Now, are you ready to become your dream?


  • Airport pick up & Drop off
  • Unlimited Dance Classes
  • Accommodation
  • Exclusive Dance Seminar
  • Private master class
  • Personal Growth Seminar
  • Hollywood Sightseeing
  • Shop till you drop
  • beach day
  • Universal Studios
  • Surprise Dance Events
  • Nights Out

How it works

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Your Hollywood Dance camp Package !

What’s included?

Unlimited dance classes!

At North Hollywood’s top dance studios with world renowned choreographers.

Did we say unlimited ? Yes, Unlimited!

Take classes at Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds and the Edge!

Classes include:

* Hip-Hop * Jazzfunk * House * Breakdance * Heels * Step/stroll * Burlesque * Krumping* Tap * Jazz * Ballet * Contemporary * Locking* Salsa * Latin Groove * Popping * Pumps * Freestyle * Breaking * Step * Belly Dance

And much more…!

World renowned choreographers

Take classes with the best choreographers in the world:

♠ Andye J ♠ JaQuel Knight ♠ Tony Tzar   ♠ Brinn Nicole ♠ Angel B ♠  Jayson Wright ♠ Dante7 ♠  Jabari Odom ♠ J Smooth ♠ Dana Wilson ♠ Phlex ♠ Sho-Tyme ♠ Rob Rich ♠ Melanie Lane ♠ Zae Northy ♠ Laura Quinn ♠ Jae Blaze ♠ Sienna Lyons ♠ Dave Scott ♠ Kevin Maher ♠ Trey Rich ♠ Brooklyn Jai ♠ Super Dave ♠ Galen Hooks ♠ Chuck Maldonado ♠ Kyle Hanagami ♠ Kennis Marquis ♠ Carlee Hoshowski ♠ Jermaine Brown  ♠ Rhapsody James ♠ Candace Brown
♠  Michelle “Jersey” Maniscalo ….
And many many more……

Fun Activities & Sight Seeings

Explore Los Angeles in all of its glory and beauty.

* Hollywood Walk of Fame
* Hollywood Sign
* Universal Studios
* Shopping at The Americana Mall
* Beverly Hills
* Melrose Avenue
* Hollywood Hills Hiking
* Urban Light

And much much more….!

Dance Seminar

Learn the ins-and-outs from the professionals themselves!

* How to prepare yourself for an audition?

* How do you create your dance resume?

* What does it take to make it as a dancer?

* How to book your next gig?

* Are you ready to pursue your dreams?!

Airport pick up & Accommodation

All you have to do is book your flight to Los Angeles Airport and we will pick you up !

Don’t forget we also have a shuttle service between the dance studios so you can relieve your feet and save your energy for your dance classes !

Of course we didn’t forget about your accommodation: Shared room, own bed, max 2 students/room.

Nights Out & Exclusive Events

Experience Hollywood in all of its glory and excitement. 

Los Angeles is a beautiful town and you will experience it in all of its glory.

Our program includes:

Nights out!

Rooftop lounges!

Exclusive surprise events!

Beach Day

What is a visit to California without spending some quality time at the beautiful beaches?

Santa Monica

Venice Beach

Muscle beach…..

Get ready to soak up some sunshine and have fun in the sun!

Make friends for life!

Meet fellow dancers from all over the world,
connect over your passion for dance, laugh, share, build and grow!

Push your limits and reach new highs!

This is an unique, life changing experience to make your dreams reality
and build friends for life from all walks of life!


*Minimum age for dance camp participation is 13 years+

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